I am David Atwood, a Canadian artist currently living and working in Kobe, Japan.  I was raised in Arvida, Quebec but relocated to Montreal where I attended Concordia University and earned a BFA in painting and drawing in 1998. I moved to Japan in 2002 where I have been making art since.


My work draws significantly upon my immediate surroundings, lifting shapes and colours from things as mundane as my favorite shirt to something as grand as the mountains rising from the sea of Japan. Combinations of the plastic and artificial with the natural and organic occur as the end result of a long process of chewing, digesting and ultimately externalizing my reactions to my daily environment. The landscape surrounding me, both man made and natural, composed of objects both permanent and purchased are all components of what eventually makes it onto the paper or canvas. A rigorous, yet playful, engagement with colour, mark making, and materials is applied to both quick, energetic improvisations as well as to longer, slower and more composed works with the sole aim of conveying that which cannot be expressed by any other means.




David Atwood


Born: 1972 Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Graduated: 1997 Concordia University (BFA, Painting and Drawing), Montreal, Quebec, Canada




1996 - Concordia Undergraduate Exhibition

            Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada


1997 - Concordia Undergraduate Exhibition

            Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada


1999 - Group of N, Collaborative Works

            N Gallery, Montreal, Canada


2000 - Group of N, Selected Paintings

            N Gallery, Montreal, Canada


2014 - First Contact

            Studio Y3, Kobe, Japan


2014 - Windows (Installation)

             Studio Y3, Kobe, Japan


2015 - 12の窓 (12 Windows)

          Studio Y3, Kobe, Japan


2015 - Group Show

           301Gallery, Kobe, Japan


2017 - Group Show

           301 Gallery, Kobe, Japan 








2013 - New Works, Kobe Cultural Festival

            Studio Y3, Kobe, Japan


2014 - Paintings

            Art Space Baku, Fukuoka, Japan


2014 - Recent Works

            Studio Y3, Kobe, Japan


2014 - Styles Make Fights

            Gallery AO, Kobe, Japan


2014 - Park Art, Installation (part of Kobe Cultural Festival)

  Eki Minami Koen, Kobe, Japan


2015 - David Atwood

            301 Due Gallery, Kobe, Japan


2016 - New Work

             Publico, Nagasaki, Japan


2016 - Paintings and Installation

             Karimizuan, Obama, Nagasaki, Japan


2016 - Solo

             301 Gallery, Kobe, Japan


2016 - Installation

             Nagasaki Museum of Fine Art / Route, Nagasaki, Japan

             (Nagasaki Rinne Festival)